• AUTOTAC Bio focuses on disease material target decomposition for a healthier life.
  • AUTOTAC Bio is a new drug development company based on AUTOTAC (Autophagy-Targeting Chimera) protein target decomposition platform technology. AUTOTAC is a next-generation new drug development platform technology that can selectively send various disease-causing substances to Autophagy to induce decomposition by Lysosome, thereby eliminating the disease-causing substance.
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CEO MESSAGE AUTOTAC can be applied to virtually all diseases that afflict humans, including various cancers, neurodegenerative diseases.

Welcome to our website! I am Kwon Yong-tae, the CEO of AUTOTAC Bio.

While researching proteolysis over the past 25 years, I realized time and time again that if we can target and remove substances in the human body that cause disease and aging, we can make vast progress in improving health worldwide.

Approximately six percent of the protein in our bodies is newly synthesized and broken down every day, and the processes involved are directed by the ubiquitin-proteasome system and autophagy-lysosome system.

If we learn how to target and break down disease-causing proteins based on an understanding of these systems and how to control them, we can develop strategies for curing disease at the source. I and the excellent research team at AUTOTAC Bio have created a platform technology that targets and breaks down disease-causing proteins using the autophagy-lysosome system. We named the technology “AUTOTAC (autophagy-targeting chimera).”

In light of the ever-decreasing supply of medicinal targets currently available to the pharmaceutical industry, AUTOTAC is gaining recognition as a viable next-generation medicine development platform for its ability to break down disease-causing proteins. Under our motto, “Degradation for Betterness,” we are focusing on using AUTOTAC to create innovative medicines capable of treating diseases that humanity has not yet conquered.

AUTOTAC can be applied to virtually all diseases that afflict humans, including various cancers, degenerative brain diseases, autoimmune/metabolic diseases, and rare/incurable diseases.

AUTOTAC Bio is a young company, but we are already growing quickly through our next-generation medicine development platform technology. Our goal is to become a global pharmaceutical company that, as a “paradigm shifter and first mover,” helps improve the quality of life for all humankind.

Thank you for your interest.