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Disease Areas Alzheimer's disease

We believe that the elimination of these disease-causing aggregates will provide a fundamental and novel cure for Alzheimer's disease.

Disease Areas Cancer

AUTOTACs can selectively degrade KRas and target mutant p53 aggregates for autophagic degradation, which we believe can be used to cure a wide spectrum of cancers.

Disease Areas Metabolic

By synthetically activating lipophagy, our ATL compounds can promote intrinsic breakdown of fatty lipids and glucose level regulation and thereby treat metabolic diseases.

We believe that promoting selective autophagy via our ATL compounds will provide a novel therapeutic avenue for both glucose level regulation and lipid breakdown for type 2 diabetes.

Disease Areas Muscular

Our autophagy-regulating compounds can inhibit the excessive degradation of actin and other cytoskeletons, thereby halting muscle wasting as a potential cure for Duchene muscular dystrophy.

Disease Areas Amyloidosis

We believe targeted protein degradation of amyloidogenic aggregates can counteract the pathological tissue deposits essential to amyloidosis.

Introduce CEO Yong Tae Kwon

Molecule Medicine and Biopharmaceutical Sciences Department. Graduate School of Convergence Science & Technology. Professor of Seoul National University, Korea

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